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A little over 25 years ago, I decided to build a simple garage type structure for my hobby. I knew I couldn’t afford to do what I wanted if I had to pay a general contractor to build it. I desperately wanted to find a service that I could pay a reasonable fee to and have them help me thru the permitting and building process, as well as answer questions as I erected the building. Unfortunately there was no such service available.

A short time later my job went away, and I answered an ad for a sales position for an owner builder pool company. Their premise was that most pool companies don’t really build pools, they only act as a broker for the people who do. So…. why pay the middle man when you could schedule the subs yourself with their help. What a great idea! The middle man markup could be then used to build a higher quality, better pool, with more options.

Well….. Unfortunately the great recession of the mid 2000’s put that company out of business, so I struck out on my own. I made a few changes, for the better, to the way I help people build pools. The most important change was that the previous owner builder company had different people sell you the service, oversee the construction, handle ordering and equipment delivery, etc. I believe that one person should oversee your project from the first meeting to start up. That way they know intimately the design and flow of your project.

My almost 25 years of experience will get you the highest quality pool at the best value.


You can schedule your own pool faster then a pool company can! You have only one pool to build while they may have as many as a few hundred. You can be far more flexible in your scheduling then the pool company will be.


Know who will be in your back yard and when. The pool project will advance at your speed and not that of the pool company’s. You will be better able to plan for what to do with the dog, days you want to be there, etc. You get to choose the subcontractor you feel comfortable with based on quality and reputation rather then the one the pool company chooses, many times based on the lowest cost!


Being an owner builder lets you buy quality that meets both your long, and short-term goals; rather then what is best for the pool company/salesman’s bottom line. Pool Planners has a FLAT CONSULTING FEE and is not pushing you into options with large mark-ups that inflate the price of the pool. The owner builder consultant is an educator not a salesperson.

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