What’s Our Clients Are Saying!

Dear Brian:

We wanted to thank you for your guidance and for sharing your knowledge with us in constructing our pool.

We came to you with an empty yard and a few ideas of what we would like to have in our pool. You took this, added ideas from our discussions and came up with what I am sure would be an Award Winning design.

The plans you provided made it a breeze to walk the Permit Application thru Pima County. They were very detailed and provided all the necessary information for both the County and for the Contractors I contacted to obtain bids.

Your availability during the process to answer my questions was invaluable.

I didn't realize the process could be so simple and enjoyable.

Thank you again for everything, ”
- Art & Debbie E.

Matt & I want to thank you for providing great service and value to us in building our pool. Whenever the subject of pools comes up, we eagerly tell everyone how much we love our pool, and how we got far more pool than we were going to get by using one of the established full-service pool companies in Tucson.

We were delighted all facets of our Pool Planners experience but what we were most impressed with is: 1) Your dedication to helping the customer get what they want in a cost-effective manner; 2) Your accuracy on your estimates; 3) The high quality of the vendors you recommended; 4) And in your very impressive dedication to customer service, even in answering all of our questions after the pool was done.

As for the cost effective part, we earlier sent you a breakdown of how much each phase of our pool cost compared to your estimates. The plumbing was under your estimate, but it was balanced out by the shotcrete being over, but everything else was very much on target and overall it came in almost exactly as you projected. The only exceptions were when we consciously decided to go with changes from the original plan, such as adding another 200 square foot of decking and adding decorative wok pot fountains. We appreciated your guidance in directing us on how to accomplish these "extras" that came along after the original plan was agreed upon. Also we were delighted to be able to keep the savings from the plumbing job. If we had signed on with a full-service pool building company, I'm quite sure they never would have passed those savings along to us.

We constantly comment on how much more pool we got for our money than the basic pool we would have received for the same amount of money from the full-service pool builder we consulted with.

The vendors we used from your list of recommended vendors were top notch. We found the decking vendor, Don from Saguaro Pools, to be immensely helpful in helping us achieve the decking look we wanted without busting our budget. Many of the vendors actually called back later to make sure we were happy. The only vendor we weren't happy with was someone we chose that was not on your list of recommendations. Alas, we wished we had listened to you on your recommendation for the solar heater company.

Most of all, we were constantly impressed with how quickly and conscientiously you responded to all of our questions, concerns and problems. The first time we talked to you and you viewed our property, you emailed us a rough pool plan by the next day. In contrast, the "full-service" pool company we talked to earlier came out to talk to us and view our property then disappeared for three weeks. We had to call them back to ask how they were coming along with the plan. As the pool building process went on we always knew we could depend on you for solid advice and solid recommendations on how to solve any problems.

Although we were not considering being our own contractors when we started thinking about getting a pool, we are now really thrilled that we went this route. Early in the process, when we were about to begin excavation we did have a moment when we wondered if we were getting into something more complicated than we could handle but after talking to other past clients of yours we felt confident in our decision.

We're happy swimmers now. We love our pool. We're much happier with the design you came up with than the plan from the full-service pool company. In retrospect, I wouldn't say it was any harder than having a full-service company do the job, because I still would have wanted to be aware of any problems that came up, and be involved in the decision making process. We were surprised with how easy the whole process was. So we can't thank you enough. I will be recommending you to everyone I know who asks about our pool or who is thinking about building a pool. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please feel free to give out our contact info to anyone who is considering using Pool Planners and would like to talk about the experience. ”
- Matt & Sharon S.
Brian/Pool Planners

We have had our pool for a year and we are so happy with the decision to go with your company and do it ourselves. Working with you, with your years of experience certainly made the "do it yourself" project easy. Not having any experience with pools, I was worried that I would not be able to maintain the pool once we had it in the ground. Without Pool Planners, I know that I would not have felt as comfortable in having the pool installed. I was able to go to work every day knowing that the subcontractors who came to do the job would get it done expeditiously without me having to watch over them.

I LOVE the fact that we saved so much money with the installation by doing the subcontracting ourselves. Your guiding hand (experience and knowledge) made the process almost effortless. Because of our desire to be an integral part of the building of the pool, your recommendations during each phase afforded us the experience which I felt was very rewarding.

Thank you for bearing with me as I learned to regulate the chemicals in the pool and to reassure me that what I was doing would give me crystal clear water and make the equipment last a very long time. With you on speed dial I felt secure that my pool would get the proper care. In the year, we have had the pool and the ease with which it can be maintained I am taking you off speed dial.

I have already recommended you to several people who are thinking about having a pool/spa installed.

Brian, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us.
- Joni G. & Cayla C.
Pool Planners:

We had a very good experience building our pool with Pool Planners. Brian Miller was great to work with. He listened to what we wanted, what budget we had, presented many options and created a designed that exceeded our expectations. The subs we worked with were all excellent.

They were easy to work with (even with a couple of weather delays) and all of their workmanship was very good. We were filling the pool within 60 days from the time the city issued a building permit and Brian was with us every step of the way. Once the bills were all paid, we were within $300 of Brian's original estimate.

We ended up with a high quality custom pool that is bigger and with more options for slightly more than the bid we had received for a cookie-cutter pool from one of the large pool builders. The finished product was much better than we could have imagined when we first decided to build a pool. We are very happy.
- Tom & Sue S.
Pool Planners,

My wife and I have always wanted a built-in spa to flow into our existing pool. In early 2008 we decided that we were ready to have the spa built and started talking to companies that could do the project for us. One of my wife's coworkers had hired Brian Miller at Pool Planners for there pool project and had highly recommended him to us. After meeting with Brian Miller, my wife and I were very impressed with knowledge and experience in the pool/spa industry. So, we contracted Brian Miller at Pool Planners for our new spa project and are very glad we did!

Brian was very easy to work with and he designed us a beautiful spa that fulfilled our requirements/vision in every aspect. He put together a plan for the project that addressed every step in the smallest of details. He put together an estimate for the project that even with all the "bells and whistles" we had Brian include, still came out to be less dollars then the starting figure from other pool builder companies without the "bell and whistles" added in. And to top it off, after the project was completed, the total money we paid out was under the estimate that Brian had put together for us. In reality, contracting Brian Miller at Pool Planners, instead of one of the local pool builders, save us thousands of dollars on our spa project. Brian was there to supervise and add his expertise to every step of the project. He addressed/resolved any of our concerns promptly and professionally throughout the project. He has also been a very helpful and an invaluable resource for maintenance issues after the spa project was completed.

Thanks to Brian, my family now has a beautiful spa in our back yard that works perfectly. We are very happy with the outcome of our spa project. My wife and I would highly recommend Brian Miller at Pool Planners LLC to anyone starting a pool or spa project. ”
- Rick & Tina
Dear Brian,

I recently built a pool for my mother with the help of Brian Miller. Building a pool with Pool Planners is an experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to have a quality pool at an affordable price. Brian was an incredible asset and ally in the building process. His design was unique and beautiful. It incorporated every one of the details that she wanted. Brian made himself extremely available to answer all of my questions and addressed my concerns every step of the way. It was a bit intimidating at first thinking about the huge project I was about to take on. I feared that once he had designed the pool I would be left on my own to figure things out, but Brian went the extra mile and was there for me at every turn.

After eight weeks my mother had her first poolside barbeque. Only a few weeks after that, I was married on the bridge over the river beside the spa. It was an evening wedding and having it beside that pool was better than any place we could have rented. It was beautiful and added that unique charm that I would not have had without Brian's help. Now, when I watch my son play in the pool for hours on end, I am proud of not only the great deal of work that went into it, but also the great deal of myself that went into that pool. I feel that not only do I enjoy using it more, knowing its great uniqueness, but I think that my mother enjoys it more because without Brian Miller and Pool Planners, having her own pool would have continued be a pipe-dream. She says now that stepping into her back yard is like stepping into her own resort. ”
- Andrea W.
Dear Brian,

I want to thank you for the great experience in building our custom pool over the past couple of months. The finished product really speaks for itself and is a combination of very thoughtful design and inspections of the subcontractors during construction stages. Your eye for details and responsiveness along the way really kept the project on track and avoided potential problems that could have caused delays. Your superior technical design and oversight along with my added cost control and flexibility with the subcontractors worked well for us and delivered a quality pool with significant savings over a retail pool.
- Mark B.